Sustainability is a central theme in today’s agenda, also for the Fashion World. Big brands and international groups are responsibly aware and we, as fabricators, are keen to contribute by proving our engagement through

Ethical codes and certifications on eco-friendly productions.

GREEN PROJECT is our programme triggered by these observations. The project gathers our research and efforts towards products, components and services that respect people and the environment.

GREEN PROJECT aims at a sustainable production of our goods and looks at ecosustainable as an ethical and social business path.

Our continuous research into materials in collaboration with the most important manufacturers of raw materials brought us to use recycled materials, which do not produce waste or fully green, certified by our suppliers.

GREEN PROJECT has two sections, which are essential to the sustainability awareness:

Industrialisation and production of our goods

  • With various materials (abs/polystirene/tpu/paint)
  • With features that are classified as follows:
  1. Materials cotaining derived from oil up to 70%
  2. Materials recycled cotaining derived from oil up to 70%
  3. Classical recycled materials
  4. 100% natural materials

Depending on the product characteristics and on the client demands, we will select the most appropriate materials for the production and we will release the suitable documentations.

The second part of GREEN PROJECT is based on company sustainability through savings of emissions, water, electric energy, and the use of paper and packing materials fully recycled or 100% ecological. Ours is the beginning of a journey that will include more actions, which within a few months will make us even more eco-friendly.

For further information and for the products illustrated cards do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the GREEN PROJECT.

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